The Drive Behind The Card

Family Owned & Operated

Postcards Around The World  was born out of my passion to communicate with people through old fashion mail. As a child, I always loved to receive mail, checking the postal box once a day when I got off the bus from school. The feeling of excitement when your name was on a letter, that someone took the time to write to you, sharing things that are so easily shared today with technology and social media. The legacy of the letter has started to come to an end. In the blink of an eye, anyone, from anywhere in the world can send an "instant message" to someone else, saying hi, letting them know that they were thinking of them, sharing a moment with them. Though technology has drawn us together, it has also distanced us. We can browse someone's trip or life pictures without even speaking to them. We have allowed ourselves to be apart of someone's lives without the intimacy behind it. Writing a letter or sending a postcard sends a special message to someone that you were thinking about them. Postcards are unique because they are picked up usually at a location that you have been to, sending it to someone that is somewhere else, handwritten with affection. My hope is that we continue the legacy of sending postcards when we travel and stay in touch with loved ones throughout the world.