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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I started writing letters to seniors a little over a year ago through a Facebook group. I find it essential to keep in touch with our elderly, sharing stories, life experiences and making sure that they are not forgotten. Old fashion mail has a way of keeping people in touch regardless of social distancing measures, internet outages or physical distance. Out of the many benefits of the USPS, one of the key benefits is that you can send a note to a loved one 3,000 miles away for only $.35 cents.

When I first thought of writing notes to seniors I was surprised at how small of an investment that I had to make in order to achieve such a large result. The average cost of a postcard is $1.00, unless you buy in bulk or from a cheap souvenir stand where you can buy postcards for $.25 cents (those are usually low print quality, mass produced and sold at cost to bring in tourists from the street). The cost of a postcard stamp in the United States is $.35. For as little as $1.35 I would be able to write a note to a senior in another state, letting them know that I am thinking about them or sharing life experiences. As I began writing these letters, I realized that there were a few things missing. One issue I was having was the pen that I was using. The back side of a postcard, where you write, sometimes has a glossy finish, making it hard to write with a conventional stick pen. Of course you cannot use a pencil either. I resorted to walking the isle at my local office supply store only to find a ridiculous amount of pens with specifications that I did not understand. After doing more research online I found the Pentel Energel series. This type of pen is a gel pen but has different point sizes with .3 being the thinnest point, all the way to 1.5 with a thick bold tip. I have found that the .5 is perfect for writing letters, postcards and notes without leaving much of a smudge on the paper. I usually purchase my pens from amazon out of convenience. If you wanted to find these pens feel free to click here:

There were other things that I was missing when I started writing letters. I found that a storage box was an easy way to keep all of my cards in an organized way. I use the Art Bin to organize my cards. This can also be found on amazon:

Well that is all for now, make sure you have a supply of pens, stamps and postcards so that you can send notes to your loved ones at any time.

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